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Amongst the busiest airports of Germany, the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has been built keeping in mind the transit of passengers from both of the principal cities of Frankfurt and Luxembourg. Located at an almost equal distance to both of these German cities, this international airport also caters to flyers and travelers from areas such as Koblenz and Mainz. While the name does not imply so, this is an airport that serves domestic as well as international flights. Owing to a longstanding controversy about the fact that the name of the airport is misleading, since it is not actually located in the city of Frankfurt, but somewhere between the two cities of Frankfurt and Luxembourg, there is a specific global airlines chain that tries to file a lawsuit against this particular nomenclature. They wanted to get the nomenclature revised to one that was not misleading, but the same proved to be a damp squib in the litigation aspect.

Militarization during Cold War

In terms of military history, the significance of this airport goes all the way back to the Cold War Era. There were US forces stationed here, amongst the strategic locations in Europe where the presence of military troops ensures US stronghold and clout in the area. Furthermore, it was a major hassle when the Cold War came to an end. A large number of troops, military aircrafts and the sprawling airfields, were now rendered purposely.

Opening up for Civilians

Keeping in mind these recent crucial developments in the global power equation, the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport was flagged off for civil use instead. In times to come, the transition would further deepen, taking it a few steps ahead into a low cost airport, with increased air traffic and a surge of low-cost airlines to cater to the voluminous passenger traffic from all major cities around. Recently in 2016, there have been talks about the E-Commerce Giant Amazon aiming at purchasing the airport and handle it in entirety for furthering and enhancing its logistics network in Europe. But no definitive solution has come out so far, and the once profit making airport is now running into losses.

NATO again comes to the picture

There are various talks about having the same converted into a business park or finding a suitable buyer, but no final settlement has been pictured so far. In recent times, the government has also been considering the option of re-starting this airport for its erstwhile military use. Only instead of the US Air Force stationed there, you’ll have NATO remilitarizing the airport and handling it thereon. Now we all know that having NATO troops stationed is only a sugar-coat for having US troops stationed there again. There has been rampant activism and protests from peace-advocators from across the world to stop this airport from getting militarized again. Most importantly, the fact that the airport has a strategic location in European brings about genuine concerns about its militarization.

Concerns about Militarization of Europe

When the Cold War ended, there was only one super-power left in the world, and till date, the situation remains the same. But the remilitarization of Europe can increase regional tension in the zone, and end up triggering conflicts. So it is up to the peace-keeping bodies of the UNO to decide if it can risk another military conflict. It is most likely that the world will get blown up into a nuclear haze if another word war happened. The use of nuclear weapons will devastate not just the warring countries, but the surrounding states and regions as well. Be it the Syria conflict, the Israel-Palestine tensions, the Indo-Pak threats, the rising dissent against refugees in Europe, the oil fallout in Saudi Arabia, the North Korean menace and so on, there are myriad global conflicts that have torn apart the process of globalization today. The nomination of a fascist like Trump and the popular vote of Brexit have added to severe blows that actually counter the notion of world peace and harmony. If hatred and militarization is continued at such a great pace, there will be more than one hand on nuclear triggers, threatening to destroy humanity forever!

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