Is More Security At Airports Mean Better Safety?


Just recently a deadly attack was stage at the Istanbul airport, the main airport in the capital of Turkey. This brought to the forefront a few difficult questions with respect to airport security. Is heightened security actually deterring terrorism or just making it difficult for passengers while not deterring terrorists? Fact is, at the Ataturk airport, all passengers are screened through metal detectors and all bags are scanned.

In contrast, when a passenger enters an American airport they are not immediately screened. According to the officials, the attackers were at first turned away from the airport due to the security screening. Then they came back with long-range rifles in suitcases. Panic ensued at the terminal allowing two of the many attackers entry into the airport! While one managed to set off explosives on his body the other did one worse by detonating on a departure floor a level up. The final third attacker actually blew up inside a terminal as people fled for safety. All this begs the question to just how much airport security does help deter terrorism.

According to Dave, The fact remains that trying to protect against mass causality is a dialing task. Those with malicious intents have several targets they can get at. A terrorist who is deterred will go somewhere else. It is really that simple.

When the Ataturk airport reopened, there were several more security measures such as cars being screened and more security personnel visible at all times. However, the security measures put in place at the Ataturk airport prior to this incident was governed by the incident that occurred at Brussels Airport in March where there was no security check right on the terminal entrance. This allowed the terrorists access to the building following which they blew themselves up. Ever since that incident, airports have began checking IDs of passengers and their boarding passes right at the entrance but that did not stop the Turkey incident.

Hence, the question remains – are more security measures in airports really preventing terrorist attacks?

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