Halle Airport

Also known as the Leipzig airport, the Halle Airport is situated in Saxony, and happens to be a public airport, along with being open for certain military operations. As opposed to the low profile Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, the Halle Airport certainly has operations at a larger scale and is a profit-making airport. While the Frankfurt Airport is hailed as the no.1 airport of Germany in terms of traffic, the Leipzig Airport is definitely the 2nd in the list of German airports. Also, if you look at Europe as a whole, this happens to be the 5th busiest airport of Europe as of today.

Some of the major passenger airlines that operate flights here are Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Bulgaria Air, Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ryanair and so on. Additionally, there are major global cargo carriers that also have fleeting presence at this airport. This includes DHL Aviation from various global zones, AirBridge Cargo Airline etc. There have been protests about the military section of this airport, but this happens to be a crucial layover or stop for US military personnel to fly to locations such as Afghanistan and Iraq. There are many shops in Halle Airport, such as Totally Organic (which sells food processors & other appliances). The airport recently made the news for erecting a huge, colorful display of memory foam neck pillows, with the aim of spreading awareness regarding back and neck pain while flying. There has been growing concern for the long-term effects of flying with back pain while traveling, and the Halle Airport is among the first airports to take such issues very seriously.

A number of popular Hollywood flicks such as Flightplan, Unknown Identity and Captain America-Civil War have been shot here. A buzzing terminal that runs 24/7, the Halle Airport happens to be amongst the nerve centers of Europe.

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